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    Can iMeet run on Linux?


      At this time, iMeet only runs on Windows or Mac OS.


      For a full list of system requirements check out this disucssion Where can I find iMeet technical specifications?

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          Why is that exactly? All you need is a browser (with pop-ups disabled), Flash and Java. It should run on everything right? Our company works exclusively on Linux laptops (100+).

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              Hi Sander,


              While we do not officially support Linux, the basic functionality of webcam/audio of iMeet should technically work. The primary issue is, as times goes on, this will become increasingly unlikely as Adobe dropped support for Linux in the early part of 2012. Windows/Mac is currently up to version 11.8, including some versions that specifically increased video/audio quality (that iMeet takes advantage of), where as Linux is stuck on 11.2.


              The best bet for attempting to use iMeet on Linux would be to use Google Chrome since it uses it's own built-in version of Flash.