As a recent Google Chrome adopter (still have a special place in my heart for Firefox), I love how blazing fast it is, how easy it is to navigate to my favorite sites and how the interface handles downloads. Lots of goodness.


However, the one issue that repeatedly cropped up on me, was when I launched iMeet and other Flash-based programs like YouTube, Chrome tended to crash, giving me this dreaded image:


The issue is that there are two versions of Flash installed on your computer, and when both of them are competing, it causes the plugin to crash. To remedy this, we'll disable one version. Here is a quick fix for getting Flash up and running on Google Chrome for any Flash-based programs, including iMeet:

1. Open Google Chrome
2. Enter chrome://plugins/ into the address bar and hit Enter to navigate to the plugin management page.
3. Scan the plugin list for Flash. If it says Flash (2 files), you have both versions of Flash installed, which is the culprit here.
3. Click on the + Details link in the right corner of the plugins page to expand the full list of all plugins
4. Look at the Location of each version. One is the Chrome version (…Application Data\Google\Chrome\etc.) and the other is the standalone Adobe version (…Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash etc).
5. Click on ‘Disable’ just under Location of the Chrome version to disable it. Your screen should look similar to this:

6. Ensure that the standalone Adobe version is enabled. If it's disabled, click the Enable link next to it.
7. Close Chrome and reopen it
8. Download and save  the latest Adobe standalone version of Flash, if you have not already:

You're good to go. If you have any questions about this fix, let us know and we'd love to help you work through it.


-Originally posted on iMeet blog Nov 2011