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dvr-22.jpgIf you have tried the latest great addition to the IMeet family, you have discovered that recording your meetings is almost like having a superpower.

  • Perfect memory: you will never forget anything important from any meeting.
  • Be everywhere: if your invited guests couldn't make it, you can take the meeting to them.
  • X-Ray vision: well let's not push things. But your guests will be able to watch the meeting just like they were there.



So what if you want to share just ten minutes of the meeting? iMeet meetings are recorded in the web standard MP4 format. Just download the video to your computer and you can use your favorite video editing software.


Here's a couple for you to try:

On a PC--

     Freemake Video Converter--Allows you to edit, combine videos, and add subtitles.  (Free)

     Avidemux--Opensource simple video editor. (Free)


On a Mac--

     iMovie--Full featured video editor native to the Mac. ($4.99)

     Quicktime 7 Pro--Edit and convert. ($29.99)


Then once you have your video ready, you can load it back up into your filing cabinet, or post it to YouTube and share to your heart's content.


What video editing software would you recommend?

Christopher Zabka

Meet iMeet 3.5 in iMeet Blog

Posted by Christopher Zabka Feb 4, 2014

The new iMeet 3.5 web conferencing upgrade is packed with lots of sweet new features, transforming the way businesses collaborate and create multimedia content. Let’s take a look and see what makes 3.5 tick:


Increased Room Capacity – Host webinars and customer training sessions for up to 125 attendees and post the recordings online for on-demand viewing. The new “Participants Panel” lets you control whose cubes are visible (up to 15 of them) and offers a variety of convenient functions, including private chats and mute.


iMeet 3.5.png

Guest Screen Share – Hosts can now allow meeting guests to share their screens, improving the collaboration and productivity by reducing time spent emailing files.

iMeet screen share.png

On-demand Video Content – Create recorded videos, such as vLogs, client testimonials, end-user training and product demonstrations, using the new iMeet recording feature.


“Meeting Minutes” – Use email and social integration to share recorded “meeting minutes,” including webcam video streams, files, attendee chat and notes.


Check out the iMeet Community for even more information about 3.5, including FAQs and video tutorials.

I’ve shared with you how I have a sweet job and cool boss, but I haven’t had the pleasure of introducing my awesome rowmates. When I first started in PGi’s Colorado Springs office, I had a nice desk with a great view...all to myself. No one sat within a stone’s throw of me. Alas.


But through a random series of events I met a co-worker in a similar situation: on a small team, lone representative of her team in the office, boss works and lives out-of-state. But she had rowmates. And they were all in similar situations, too!


Long story short, I relocated to “The Island of Misfit Toys,” where I now enjoy the company of a wonderful group of people. Truly, I don’t know how much luckier I can be: we all get along; we all have similar, quirky senses of humor; and we all support each other in work and life.


But what has amazed me most about my rowmates is their thoughtfulness and creativity. They decorate each other’s desks when someone goes out of town; they throw really neat birthday parties for one other; and, among many other things, they celebrate Christmas using iMeet.


Two of my rowmates, Kara and Lindsay, have a third teammate, Heather, who works in Kansas. This trio creatively uses iMeet throughout the year to not only conduct meetings, but to build and maintain their collective friendship: they are even known to have iMeet Potlucks, where they each bring a dish and eat while they visit.


And they celebrate Christmas using iMeet. See for yourself:

Christmas Party.jpg

iMeet isn’t just about the meeting. It’s about the connection, the relationships, and even the fun. So, go on, enjoy the moment. Enjoy the connection. Enjoy each other.


Enjoy iMeet.

We’ve all done it, right? Perhaps we have a fresh haircut and we feel cute, or maybe we are standing in front of a really cool car and pretending it is our own.  Then it happens…the cell phone comes out and is held at an arm’s reach and boom – you have taken a selfie


Even though selfies have technically been around for years, they recently have embedded themselves in our culture mostly due to our society’s social media obsession.


Perhaps the word’s drastic climb in usage is why “selfie” was named Oxford Dictionary’sWord of the Year for 2013”.  I love CNN’s description of this event: The most esteemed guardian of the English language has bestowed a prestigious honor upon debatably the most embarrassing phenomenon of the digital age: the selfie.” 

I think that’s a little harsh.  While selfies are sometimes attributed to embarrassing shots taken in bathrooms or using duck faces, in iMeet we embrace the selfie.  In fact, iMeet gives your selfie a home and a purpose.  And because we know some of you couldn’t possibly pick just one selfie to share, iMeet lets you upload four of your very best selfies so you can switch them out and show all of them off.


If you just can’t decide which selfie would be best for your iMeet Cube, I have done some informal research about what your iMeet selfie (aka Profile Pic) says about you. 

The “I am cool & artsy” selfie.

Usually a black and white, sometimes at an interesting angle, this type of profile pic says you are more than what meets the eye.  You are creative and a visionary.

2013-11-05 09_08_19-MISON'S ROOM.jpg


The “I do cool things” selfie.

These iMeet selfies feature you doing cool activities.  They tell the world about your sense of adventure or your athletic prowess.

2013-11-25 13_34_54-iMEET ME HALFWAY.jpg

The “I go cool places” selfie.

Traveling is cool, and a selfie in front of The Bean in Chicago is definitely worthy of your iMeet cube.

2013-12-04 13_22_36-iMeet for Desktop.jpg


The “I have cool kids” selfie.

This selfie shows you as the quintessential family lover who’s mastered the work/life balance. 

2013-11-25 12_49_07-iMEET ME HALFWAY.jpg

The “I have cool pets” selfie.

Similar to the previous selfie, but your kid happens to have 2 extra legs and a lot more body hair. This shows you as  the trustworthy, compassionate animal lover - but not necessarily a crazy cat lady.

2013-11-25 13_36_39-iMEET ME HALFWAY.jpg

The “I know cool people” selfie.

These selfies speak for themselves.  And how cool is it that the Pope graciously endured a selfie?  Would have been awesome if he would have done a duck face, don’t you think?


2013-11-25 12_50_31-iMEET ME HALFWAY.jpg

rotary-phone.jpgMy parents grew up in the same small town. After they were married, they moved to the big city about three hours away. When Thanksgiving would roll around, the only choice seemed to be if they would drive "up home" or if the grandparents would come to town. It was a pretty straightforward way to get the family together during the holidays.


Then my aunt moved all the way to the west coast so every holiday included a much anticipated and highly choreographed phone call across the miles. With long distance being expensive, we had to very quickly and methodically offer our greetings and hand the phone to the next person so we could make sure everyone talked to everyone else in the most efficient way possible.


Fast forward 30 years. Now I'm married with four kids, one of whom is in college. My wife's family is three states away, and we've tried many ways to get everyone together, It usually involves a good amount of driving for at least one side of the family, and even then it's not possible for everyone to be there. So instead of resorting to the old, gather around the phone and pass it around routine, we now fire up the computer, open iMeet, turn on the webcam, and offer our holiday greetings face to face from up to 15 different locations. We share memories and laughs, and get to see the faces of our loved ones in beautiful clarity, while the miles sort of melt away. And one of the best parts is that we don’t have to rush our conversations to avoid costly long-distance prices.


Have you ever held a virtual holiday gathering? We’d love to hear some ways you've made the holidays work over the miles.


Seasons Eatings Photo Contest

We also want to see your best holiday recipes. Share a picture of your favorite dish and you could be one of 5 winners of a gourmet cooking lesson with MasterChef Ireland finalist and PGi employee Terry Lyons. Click here for the details.